TASUKE+ is a web-based genome browser that visualizes large-scale resequencing data generated by next-generation sequencing technologies.
The variation and read depth of multiple genomes, as well as annotations, can be shown simultaneously at various scales. The frequency of Variants and Depth of coverage are shown by gradational colors in a block whose size is variable from 1bp to 100kb. Maximally 200 blocks can be shown at one window, so that up to 20 Mb can be viewed.
TASUKE+ shows the GWAS plot with your GWAS data.



Rice 176 GWAS data (Nipponbare reference)
(Yano et al. 2016 Nat Genet)
Rice 50 resequencing data (Nipponbare reference)

What's New

TASUKE+ Version 20201117 was released. (November 17, 2020) New!
Implemented function to color-code variants based on genotype (GT: Homo/Hetero-zygous). It is also now possible to register GT:0/0 (reference type homozygous) genotype information using multi sample vcf format (disabled by default). GT:0/0 can now be displayed on track by "GT color mode". Speedup some functions. Several Bug fixes.

Download: tasuke-plus_20201117.tar 

TASUKE+ Version 20200928 was released. (September 28, 2020)
Improved function to display GT:1/2 variant. Implemented function to highlight variants for specific gene. Implemented function to filter variants by SnpEff Impact level. Supports registration of a large number of Chr/Contig reference seqs( >1000). Speed up some functions. Several Bug fixes.

A new paper about TASUKE+ was published. [Open Access!!]

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