Latest release
Current version is 1.5.3

Please see the Release note  for information of changes and downloading old version.

Unpack & Install

After download TASUKE package, set "tasuke_www" to the Apache document root.

$ tar xvf ./tasuke_tools.tar
$ cp -r ./tasuke_tools/tasuke_www/* /var/www/html/ (Apache DocumentRoot)

System requirements

TASUKE requires the Linux server that have PHP5.0 or later, Apache and MySQL5.0 to 5.2 with mysqli module, 5.3 or later.


This software is released under the MIT License.

Sample data

Sample data (31 MB)

Unpack & Install

$ tar xzf ./tasuke_sample_data.tar.gz

Research data

50 rice accessions
VCF format resequencing data mapped to Nipponbare genome. (

ID Name
Nipponbare Nipponbare Download
IRGC1107 Ta Hung Ku Download
IRGC2540 Haginomae Mochi Download
IRGC27630 Darmali Download
IRGC32399 Phudugey Download
IRGC418 Norin 20 Download
IRGC55471 Chodongji Download
IRGC8191 Mansaku Download
IRGC11010 Maintmolotsy Download
IRGC17757 Jambu Download
IRGC26872 Binulawan Download
IRGC328 AZUCENA Download
IRGC38698 NPE 844 Download
IRGC43325 Arias Download
IRGC43397 Gotak Gatik Download
IRGC43675 Trembese Download
IRGC50448 Canella De Ferro Download
IRGC66756 Lemont Download
IRGC8244 Davao Download
IRGC12793 Kitrana 508 Download
IRGC31856 KUI SALI Download
IRGC38994 Bico Branco Download
IRGC9060 JC101 Download
IRGC9062 JC111 Download
RA4952 Firooz Download
IRGC25901 Miriti Download
IRGC27762 Leung Pratew Download
IRGC30416 IR 36 Download
IRGC43545 Popot 165 Download
IRGC51250 Ai-Chiao-Hong Download
IRGC51300 Guan-Yin-Tsan Download
IRGC8231 Gie 57 Download
IRGC9148 TD2 Download
IRGC9177 JC91 Download
IRGC12883 Mehr Download
IRGC45975 Kalamkati Download
IRGC6307 Jhona 349 Download
IRGC8555 DZ78 Download
IRGC6513 BADAL 89 Download
Yuan3-9 Yuan3-9 Download
P46 P46 Download
VOC4 VOC4 Download
IRGC105958 PADI PADIAN Download
IRGC105960 DAL DHAN Download
IRGC105327 042/87/34 Download
IRGC106105 MV 89-80 Download
IRGC106154 L 89-12 Download
IRGC80470 HK 47 Download
IRGC89215 CA 97-053 Download