Nothing is shown / TASUKE won't load the accessions

Check the following steps.

1. Check the database setting
Set your database information to configuration file before starting the TASUKE.
See more detail: Installation-page

2. Has the Mysql server started yet?

3. Is TASUKE in the correct directory?

4. It is possible that web browser cache confliction was occured.
Click the "Reset" button, that browser cache is cleared. If the reset button won't response, access to http://hostname/reset.html and click the "clearing local storage" button. And access the TASUKE again.

System construction

I created multiple instances of TASUKE on the same hostname server. And I opened multiple TASUKE tabs on a web browser, the contents were mixed on the web browser.

TASUKE uses Localstorage of web browser. A web browser provides the storages per each hostname. So if you see the tasuke via multiple tabs, the tabs will use the common localstorage. That is cause of the mixed content. In addition, creating multiple instances of TASUKE in same host does not work correctly. We strongly recommend using virtual host when creating multiple instances.


http://hostname/human/ & http://hostname/mouse/

http://human.hostname/ & http://mouse.hostname/

How to make an external link?

Set several parameters to the configuration file. Then the external links will be created on the GFF annotation track.
See more detail: Configuration-page

How to move to a destination region from other web pages?

Add the query strings to URL of the TASUKE and access that URL. Then you can see the destination region.
See more detail: Configuration-page