About the naming

(TA) means "a lot of, many"
(SUKE) means "help"

So, TASUKE browser is aimed to help researchers for visualization and sharing of multiple genomes resequencing data from species having larger genome.

Systems of TASUKE

To show and manage huge amount of resequencing data with smooth manner, TASUKE uses a client-server system. So, TASUKE requires a LAMP server consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This system is also aimed to share the data with collaborators or the public.

Browser Requirements

A web browser which can accept HTML5 is required. We checked the operation of TASUKE with Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome on Win and Mac.
It can be used on tablet device which has android browser or Safari.
In Internet Explorer, Some functions do not work properly.

The Team

Masahiko Kumagai, Norio Tabei, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Hiroaki Sakai
(Bioinformatics unit, Advanced Analysis Center, NARO)
Takeshi Itoh
(National Taiwan University)


Kumagai M, Nishikawa D, Kawahara Y, Wakimoto H, Itoh R, Tabei N, Tanaka T, Itoh T. (2019) TASUKE+: a web-based platform for exploring GWAS results and large-scale resequencing data. DNA Research, 2019, 26(6), 445-452 [Open Access!!]

Kumagai M., Kim J., Itoh R. and Itoh T. (2013) TASUKE: a web-based visualization program for large-scale resequencing data. Bioinformatics. 29 (14): 1806-1808 [Open Access!!]